Systems Engineering Certification

Demonstrating knowledge and experience in the practice of Systems Engineering

Applying for ASEP

ASEP Steps to Certification

There are 4 basic steps to becoming certified at this level

- Be an INCOSE individual member

- Pay the application fee

  • Payment is valid for 12 months. 
  • Fee is non-refundable and not a guarantee that you will be certified. 

- Submit Form 1A Individual Application for ASEP 

- Pass the INCOSE knowledge exam or equivalent

  • Exam results are good for 12 months. 
  • There is a separate fee to take the exam, collected by the exam provider. 
  • You are allowed to take the exam up to 3 times in a 12-month period. 
  • You may take the exam before or after completing the other steps. 
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Upon Certification

Once you complete all these steps, the INCOSE Certification Office will send you a congratulatory email. Your ecertificate will come from Accredible. You may also check your certification status through your member profile on the INCOSE web page.  The ASEP certification is valid for five years, with a requirement that you maintain your INCOSE individual membership. Before the five years expire, you must submit renewal documentation and fee. Your renewal will also be good for five years.  


Is there a roster of Certified Systems Engineering Professionals available for distribution?

INCOSE maintains a list of the names, geographic areas (city, state, and country), and certification level of those recognized as Expert Systems Engineering Professionals, Certified Systems Engineering Professionals, and Associate Systems Engineering Professionals. That list is posted monthly on the main Certification page. 

How do I update my name, email address, mailing address, chapter, or company?

INCOSE members can update their information at any time via their account profile at Changes may also be e-mailed to It is important for all Systems Engineering Professionals and applicants to maintain a current email address with INCOSE in order to receive renewal notices and other information.  


If you are located in the UK, please apply directly through the UK site below. For general inquiries regarding Certification in the UK, email

INCOSE UK Certification