• INCOSE Cleveland-Northern Ohio March Chapter Meeting

    The March chapter meeting will feature a tour and optional dinner for those attending in person, followed by a hybrid meeting discussing systems engineering career paths.

  • INCOSE Michigan joint event with Michigan Python: MBSE Tutorial

  • "An Overview of Software Verification & Validation," Author, Steve Rakitin - Three Rivers Chapter Meeting

  • "Spectacular Views of the City: A Comparison of Smart City Models," Jon Mooney, Virtual, 7-8:30pm CDT

    Presentation Abstract - As the INCOSE Smart Cities Initiative prepares its first work products, it is finding seemingly diverse points of view in several practicing definitions of the Smart City. There is no right or wrong model. Each model has a spectacular view of the city, and each model can offer valuable information (from its limited viewpoint) on how the city operates and how it could improve. When modeling, analyzing and optimizing the operations of a complex system, its important to model the system from various viewpoints. This, of course, is a lesson from the ancient fable of ‘the blind men and the elephant’; that we cannot claim an absolute truth based on one true but limited viewpoint while ignoring other equally true but limited viewpoints. Models are used in MBSE to map and keep track of the myriad butterfly effects caused by design and operational changes in complex real systems. But a single model is only a limited viewpoint, for the very reason that the real system it attempts to model is so complex. Comparing the complex system from various MBSE modeling viewpoints can help bring clarity. In this presentation, we compare the viewpoints of two prominent Smart City definitions; Deloitte's viewpoint based on the idea that Smart cities emerge as the result of many Smart Solutions across all sectors of society, and TUSS's viewpoint based on the idea that a Smart city is a city that has the ability to identify its problems and its root causes promptly and remove the root causes by generating, and processing engineered quality data in a continuous and inclusive manner. A comparison graphic illustrates how these are just two of the many views of the same elephant.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - March 2021 - Digital Engineering and Transformation

    The March chapter meeting will feature Troy Peterson, VP at System Strategy, Inc.; past President of the Michigan chapter; and INCOSE Associate Director for Systems Engineering Transformation giving a presentation on Digital Engineering and Transformation.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - February 2021 - SE in Children's Activities

    A presentation on “Finding the STEM: An Analysis of Children’s Activities for Systems Engineering Principles”

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - January 2023 - Vision 2035 in Northeast Ohio

    The January chapter meeting will feature a tour and optional dinner for those attending in person and a hybrid meeting discussing the vision for systems engineering in northeast Ohio.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - January 2021 - INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification Program

    A presentation on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional Certification Program and shares experiences regarding assembling and submitting their certification packages by a couple of our own chapter members.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - January 2021 - Annual General Meeting

    C-NO Chapter Annual General Meeting

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - December 2020 - Virtual Holiday party

    Annual Festive Winter Holiday Extravaganza – Home Edition

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - November 2020 - Exoskeleton Requirements for Firefighters: Use Cases Reveal Essential Needs

    Presentation on use of MBSE methods to provide requirements for a new use of an existing product

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - October 2020 - Famous Failures Revisited

    A discussion of famous failures and the impact of integration on these failures

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - September 2020 - Community Appraisal for Resiliency Effectiveness (CARE) Project

    A presentation regarding the application of systems thinking/principles to resiliency for small communities, associated with a power outage.

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - August 2020 - Resiliency in Systems Engineering

    Presentation on Resiliency in Systems Engineering, by Rick Hefner, Ph.D., Program Director, Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - AGM August 2020

    C-NO Chapter Annual General Meeting

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - February 2020 (To Be Rescheduled)

    Save the Date: C-NO Annual General Meeting and 2020 IW Recap

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - December 2019

    Presentation: Medical Device Risk Management

  • C-NO Chapter Tour- September 2019

    Tour of the Age of Steam Roundhouse, to learn more about steam engine systems and their associated system of systems (railroads)

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - August 2019

    Presentation: Leadership for Accelerating Development

  • C-NO Chapter Meeting - June 2019

    Presentation on MIcrogrids and the transformation of energy systems and the national electrical grid guided by a disciplined systems engineering life-cycle process.