Welcome to the Liberty Chapter

We represent System Engineers in the New York City / NJ area (including Long Island).

Our Chapter's Vision is to promote System Engineering by focus on the "People" part of the SE equation. Our objective is to provide resources to aspiring end evolving Systems Engineers in the form of Presenters who speak of the SE experiences in the Private/Public/Government sectors and to have Discussion Groups about key SE topics. We hope that we can help you in furthering your Systems Engineering Career.

Chapter Events

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The INCOSE Liberty Chapter is based in the Tri-State Area, notably Center and Northern NJ, New York City and Long Island. Our Chapter strives to support our Liberty Chapter members (and INCOSE members in general) with resources in the form of experiences of established SE professionals. 

We understand that the SE profession is fraught with challenges of "fitting in" projects where aggressive schedules is paramount and the difficulty of adding on the SE discipline. It is our hope that by presenting these established professionals case studies, we can supply examples of where SE is essential to projects and how it can be detrimental to not do SE analysis.

1) System Engineering in the Workplace 
2) Teach our members and guests core System Engineering Techniques.
3) Networking
1) System Engineering in the Workplace: Sponsor Presentations from SE practitioners and have them state their case studies.
2) System Engineering Techniques: To refresh SE techniques to our members. "if you don't use it - you lose it."
3) Networking - To facilitate SE practitioners ability to talk to each other. 
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