Adam Hulse Profile Pic

Liberty Chapter President
Name: Adam Hulse

Title: System Engineer for New York City Transit (NYCT).
Career: 7 years with Northrup Grumman. 10 Years with NYCT.

What I tell Systems Engineers: I am a Systems Engineer working for New York City Transit. I work on various Capital Construction Projects all which involve SE and my skill set in a variety of ways. These projects include activities (in V-model fashion) such as the Concept of Operations for a Beacon Train Tracking System; Requirement Management for an Integrated Service Information and Management System; System Integration for various construction projects such as a Customer Information Sign systems ("countdown clocks for NY"), and Validation and Verification for all fore-mentioned projects (among others). 

What I tell Non-Engineer people: "I'm the guy who makes all the smarter engineers play nice together and make sure that we build the System Right, as opposed to what we are told is the Right System."


One of my managers taught me that Systems Engineering comes down to "Product, Process, and People." It is my belief that we <engineers> focus on the Product and Process part of this trio, and not the People part - to the detriment of the System itself. My Vision is to challenge and change that for the INCOSE Liberty Chapter. I focus on having System Engineers and other key note speakers, speak about their careers, their challenges and successes - to give guidance to all who are looking to follow on that path. Whether it is an engineer who is looking for his next step, or the recent graduate who is looking for their first one - we should all look to model from our peers and their experiences. Similarly, I bring presentations of the similarity of System Engineering to other fields such as Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture, for these fields also offer opportunities for System Engineers for their careers.

While new technology and new methodologies are important for expanding one’s System Engineering background, if I am elected president, I would make sure that these products would be presented to the Chapter with the point of showing how these products would provide value to the Person (a.k.a. “the Customer”) and not just to System Engineering. That viewpoint will give System Engineers a better understanding on how to explain why the product or methodologies is valuable to the project in question.

I believe a Systems Engineer's purpose is to provide value to the Customer and to the System while using the best practices of our discipline. My vision is to have the Liberty Chapter as a resource to all System Engineers who are looking to figure out how they fit into this field and plan for their future.

Pierre Botros
Liberty Vice President
Name: Pierre Botros

Pierre has lead product evolution and operational improvement through technology re-platforming, process re-engineering, and effective execution. Builds strong relationships with key business partners and aligning technology solutions to business objectives in an agile environment. He is experienced in human data science, finance, logistics, retail, and BI solutions. Also, coaches individuals, product teams, and technical teams. 
Liberty Chapter Treasurer
Name: Alain Kouassi

Alain is a registered Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) with over 28 years of professional experience involving systems engineering, integration, operations planning, and management consulting. He has served as systems integration and activation manager and verification and validation manager on numerous multibillion-dollar rail projects. He has served as an expert witness, testifying on systems integration matters, and has authored and presented technical papers at conferences in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Australia. He has also developed systems engineering training materials and conducted a systems engineering and integration training program with Stockholm Metro (SL) in Sweden. Alain is well-known in the systems engineering community, currently serving as the Chair of the International Council on Systems Engineering’s (INCOSE’s) infrastructure working group, which recently published an award-winning guide for the application of systems engineering in large infrastructure projects. For the same working group, Alain has led the development of systems engineering trifolds covering requirements management, systems integration, design engineering, contracting strategy, and specialty engineering to be distributed as recognized industry best practices at the 2015 INCOSE International Symposium.

As the Systems Engineering/Systems Integration Technical Manager for Parsons Infrastructure, Alain is responsible for providing thought leadership, and instilling internal culture of technical excellence and innovation in the systems engineering area.  Alain’s experience includes operation concept definitions, requirements definition and management, design development, integration and testing, verification and validation, safety and security certification, system assurance, and operations and maintenance. He has participated in design-build-operate-maintain turnkey projects, design-build, and design-bid-build rail projects.

Phillip Hohn

Liberty Chapter Secretary
Name: Phillip Hohn

Phillip Hohn is a well accredited Systems Engineer.
Below is his detailed skill set.

    •MSEE Syracuse
    •Post Grad : Systems Engineering - Stevens
    •Companies worked for:
         -Adjunct Professor (evenings) : Stevens/Montclair State University

    •Military/Commercial : Flight/Engine Controls
    •SE Lifecycle: RM, Design, Build, IVV, Test
    •VMS NASA X33 Vehicle
    •Lean Six Sigma/CSEP
    •Lean Six Sigma tool/methodology
    •CMMI - Engineering/Manufacturing/QA Process
    •MBSE (UML, SysMl, DODAF)