Competency Self-Assessment


For INCOSE members, if logged in the assessment will be saved in the user’s profile to refer to as needed.  For non-members, the assessment will not be saved, but can be printed.  The estimated time to complete the self-assessment is 5-15 minutes per competency group, depending on how familiar the user is with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework (ISECF). 

The assessment uses the current ISECF with its 37 competencies in 5 competency groups across 5 proficiency levels.  For an overview of the ISECF, please review the ISECF Overview Video.  A high-level overview on how to conduct a competency self-assessment is provided in the Competency Self-Assessment Process Overview Video.  For answers for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), click the Competency Self-Assessment FAQs link. 

The Competency Self-Assessment results will be based on how the user completes the assessment. The user can use their results to browse or search the PDP Catalog to find material at their assessed proficiency level, or perhaps one level above.  There are 5 proficiency levels described in the ISECF.  In the PDP’s Competency Self-Assessment, there are 7 proficiency levels to assess your competence:

  • Unassessed (The user has not selected a proficiency level for this competency, the default)
  • Unaware (The user has no knowledge about this competency)
  • 5 Proficiency Levels from the ISECF (Awareness, Supervised Practitioner, Practitioner, Lead Practitioner, and Expert)

NOTE:  There is no save or submit button.  When you select a proficiency level for your competencies, it is automatically saved.




Competency Groups