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INCOSE Certification Program online SEP ReSEPtionsReSEPtion_sign

All current Associate Systems Engineering Professionals (ASEPs), Certified Systems Engineering Professionals (CSEPs), and Expert Systems Engineering Professionals (ESEPs) are invited to the first online SEP ReSEPtions and Discussions during the month of SEPtember.

The theme of the event is “Recommended content and exSEPtionally bad puns.”

The Certification Program Office will start with a few minutes of explanation on the new category for which SEPs may claim PDUs – independent review of SE-relevant content like books, journal articles, podcasts, and videos. SEPs are invited to come and chat with other SEPs, particularly sharing links to SE-relevant content they have enjoyed. The meetings will not be recorded but lists of recommendations will be distributed afterward. The best and worst of the SEP puns will be shared for many years to come but particularly during the month of SEPtember.

The first SEP ReSEPtion, hosted by Charles Homes, ESEP and INCOSE Certification Advisory Group (CAG) chair, is on Wednesday, 2 SEPtember at 9:30am UTC, 3pm Mumbai, India; 4:30pm Perth, Australia; 5:30pm Singapore; 6:30pm Tokyo, Japan; 7pm Adelaide, Australia; 7:30pm Sydney, Australia; 9:30pm Wellington, New Zealand. click here to register

The second SEP ReSEPtion, hosted by Courtney Wright, CSEP and INCOSE Certification Program Manager, is on Monday, 7 SEPtember at 7:30am Adelaide, Australia; 8am Sydney, Australia; 10am Wellington, New Zealand; 3pm PDT; 4pm MDT; 5pm CDT; 6pm EDT; 10pm UTC. click here to register

The third SEP ReSEPtion, hosted by Rusty Eckman, ESEP and INCOSE CAG co-chair, is on Wednesday, 16 SEPtember at 8:30am PDT; 9:30am MDT; 10:30am CDT; 11:30am EDT; 3:30pm UTC; 9pm India; 10:30pm Perth, Australia. click here to register