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Virtual Community Oak Café post

INCOSE Systems Exchange Café - Oak Tree Café


The next Oak café will be on Wednesday 15th March 2023 at 8.00am GMT 

Everyone is welcome

The topic this time will be on the important and emerging topic of Systems Security and Cyber Threats.  How does the Systems Engineering community address these issues?

Systems engineering plays a critical role in ensuring cybersecurity by integrating security requirements into the design, development, and operation of complex systems. A systems engineering approach involves a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to managing security risks throughout the entire lifecycle of a system. This includes identifying potential security threats, analyzing risks, defining security requirements, selecting appropriate security controls, and testing and verifying the effectiveness of these controls.

In the meeting we will discuss security, cyber security and trustworthy systems; we will create an understanding of the most common concepts and the standards governing this very complex topic.

Standards to consider:
Engineering Trustworthy Secure Systems (NIST SP 800-160v1r1)  - 
Common Criteria - 
Cybersecurity domain map -
and maybe consider the ISO/SAE 21434 Road vehicles — Cybersecurity engineering, as the process described in that standard can (maybe?) be used in every domain.

This discussion will be led by Zsolt Sandor, who after a brief introduction to the subject will invite discussion.  For INCOSE members please see the Yammer post for this session which contains a copy of the introduction material - see Oak Café - Security and Cyber discussion 

Please come along and share either your practical experience, your thoughts or your questions on this important topic 

Longer term calendar of Oak Café meetings [all at 8.00am UK time)

All at 0800Uk time - not the change to British Summer Time from 26th March 2023

Wed 15th March        Systems Security / Cyber Threats 
Wed 29th March        How to be on time (with system development projects)
Wed 12 April              Bookclub - what are your recommendations for Systems Engineering reading
Wed 26 April              Agile and Lean Systems Engineering 
Wed 10 May              Why are there so few outstanding Systems Engineers? 
Wed 24 May              Needs to Requirements - the front end of Systems Engineering
Wed 7 June               Scaling SE to Small / Medium Enterprises and new application domains 
Wed 21 June             Discussion of forward agenda for next season - we already have suggestion to discuss Ethics and SE at some point 

For discussion on the agenda, and for suggestions in advance of points to make or other topics you'd like to see discussed INCOSE members can continue the conversation on Yammer - see INCOSE Oak Cafe yammer

Looking forward to the discussions.

If you haven't got the Zoom meetings and link in your calendar already, please click on link below to register.  The cafe is open to all (including non-INCOSE members).  Looking forward to talking with you. 

 Register for Oak Tree Café