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Call for Nominations

by INCOSE UMS | Aug 31, 2004

The deadline for nominations for the INCOSE leadership positions that will be open in 2005 is 10 September 2004. You can nominate yourself, as well as other INCOSE members (with permission). Below is a description of the open positions and desired characteristics of nominees. The term begins with the induction ceremony at the International Workshop, which starts on January 28, 2005.
Nominations should be sent to the chair of the nominating, with copy to Shirley Bishop  
2005 Officers and Directors
Desired Characteristics for all Officers and Directors
  • Personal dedication to advancement of systems engineering as a process, discipline, and profession
  • Demonstrated recognition of the importance of systems engineering in addressing challenges faced by corporations and governments.
  • Proven record of being a strong advocate of systems engineering and similar advocacy for partnerships between organizational entities
  • Global perspective, with experience in more than one nation strongly desired
  • Demonstrated evidence of professional contributions in one or more domains and environments (corporate, government, academic)
  • Experience serving on executive leadership, scientific, or advisory board within professional society, corporation, university, government
Elected Officers for 2005  
The Secretary is an officer and member of the Executive Committee, a voting member of the Board, and has an important influence upon the running of the organization. He/she establishes the agenda in cooperation with the other officers and BoD members, proposes priorities and timing for the Board meetings, and coordinates the resolution of action assignments. He/she also has the power of initiative for policy actions and the coordination of special tasks. The secretary shall also keep minutes of all proceedings of the Board of Directors. The secretary serves for two years.
Key Focus: Provide continuity of the Board of Directors actions and serve the President and the Board of Directors for establishment of key agendas.   
Director for International Growth
This director focuses on the growth of INCOSE as an international organization, working toward achieving membership growth across the globe. The director will develop strategic plans and initiatives for reaching out to untapped areas of high-potential membership, and growing membership where efforts have already begun. this person works in close collaboration with the INCOSE Ambassadors and provides guidance and support to them. This director should have experience with strategic planning, international business involving diverse cultural practices, and developing contacts in nationally diverse organizations. Ideally, this person is already networking with other systems professionals on a global basis. An elected director serves for three years.
Key Focus: Develop strategies for increasing the individual and corporate membership of INCOSE, targeting areas where systems engineering is prevalent but INCOSE involvement is minimal.   
Director for Strategic Presence.  
This director focuses on the plans and initiatives required to effectively position the INCOSE organization for service to INCOSE’s stakeholders at large. This director will develop strategic plans for improved relations (e.g., with professional societies) and seek opportunities for INCOSE to strengthen its relationships with public entities. He or she should have experience in developing relevant strategic alliances for promotion of the values and mission of an organizational entity like INCOSE, and an understanding of professional services required to increase acceptance and influence, while using the highest professional standards.  An elected director serves for three years.
Key Focus: Develop strategies and alliances for creating/ increasing INCOSE presence in important initiatives, advisory boards, decision-making bodies, professional societies, and public entities with high relevance to INCOSE’s influence and inividual and corporate members.
Member Board
The Member Board (MB) is now a firmly established part of the governance of INCOSE. Every year, a proportion of the Regional Representatives which constitute the MB become available for election. The position is a three-year term, although for a variety of reasons, the terms are sometimes shorter. Further details on Regional Representative responsibilities are described at the end of this document along with descriptions of the other officers for election. The open positions are as follows:
  • Region II (Southwest USA) - 2 years
  • Region III (Europe, Israel, South Africa) - 3 years
  • Region IV (Northeast North America) - 3 years
  • Region V (South America, Central America and Southeast USA) - 3 years
  • Region VI (Australia, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East) - 1 year
We encourage all members to consider volunteering to serve on the MB. It is a great opportunity to contribute to the continued success of INCOSE and to make the organization even more effective in serving its members’ needs.
Responsibilities of Regional Representatives
Regional Representatives need to know the chapters in the region, and their strengths and needs. They should be available to address member and chapter questions and seek out answers from various sources. They form a key part of the communications network, interfacing between the membership and elements of the INCOSE organization. They should foster "vibrant chapters" with diversity of membership and application areas, with the aims of improving the member experience and ensuring members feel welcome and receive valued products and services which enhance their careers. Regional Representatives should available to attend both IS and IW each year, including the Saturday before each event, as these are the main opportunities to work as a MB team. Representatives should be able to take on a share of INCOSE and MB projects -- each of the Top Priority projects has a MB representative and there are a range of additional MB tasks at any one time. If elected to a position within the MB, representatives serve three years as Secretary, Co-Chair, or Chair of the MB. For the latter two years, they serve as a voting member of the BoD.
Key Focus: Represent the interests of members and chapters within the Region at all levels within the organization, and strive to improve the value and experience that people receive from their INCOSE membership.