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Call for Submissions for January 2005 Issue of INSIGHT

by INCOSE UMS | Oct 27, 2004

The deadline for the next INSIGHT is Tuesday, 16 November 2004. This issue, set to be published in early January 2005, has the theme The Intellectual Content of Systems Engineering. This note is an open call for submissions.
Please send all submissions to
Published four times a year, INSIGHT is the newsletter of International Council on Systems Engineering. As such, we print information pertaining to a designated theme, status/information of INCOSE's chapters, working groups, and committees, and information of interest to the general membership. (We do not print papers.) In this regard, you are invited to submit articles that meet the criteria in the following categories:
  1. book review -- keep to 200-300 words, include title, author, publisher, cost in US$, your name and email
  2. people on the move -- 1-2 sentences about your new position and responsibilities; include email address
  3. working group reports -- status of the technical activities, needs, work products, etc.
  4. industry news -- initiatives that are not specific to a company, that may be of benefit to membership; 200-250 words (no press releases, please)
  5. commentary/editorial -- comments on material and opinions in previous issues, reference the newsletter issue, author, and subject; 200-250 words
  6. chapter news -- recent programs, upcoming events, status, reports
  7. websites of interest -- interesting websites that pertain to systems engineering, including links to standards, agencies, INCOSE working groups, etc.; 3-4 sentences
  8. advertisements -- more information can be found on the INSIGHT website, referenced above, including the email and phone number of INSIGHT's Advertising Manager. Additional contact information and back issues can also be found on the INCOSE website.
For more information regarding INSIGHT, visit
Valerie Gundrum
Managing Editor, INSIGHT