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INCOSE 2004 Election Results Announced

by INCOSE UMS | Dec 07, 2004

I am pleased to announce the results of the recent elections and to congratulate the newly elected officers and Member Board representatives. We wish all those elected a very gratifying term in office and are grateful that you have volunteered to dedicate time to the cause of advancing our organization. The results are:
Board of Directors
Secretary: Bill Miller
Director for International Growth: Christopher Dean
Director for Strategic Presence: Bill Ewald
Member Board
Region I:  No position up for election
Region II: John Hsu
Region III: Doug Cowper
Region IV: Mike Eagan
Region V: Dick Kitterman
Region VI: Joe Kasser
The membership also approved the bylaws change to make the Technical Board Chair a voting member of the Board of Directors.
Let me express my deep gratitude to those members who ran for office but did not succeed this time around. We appreciate the effort you have invested in standing for election and truly look forward to your continued service to INCOSE.
I also wish to thank John Snoderly for chairing the Nominations, Elections, and Leadership Development Committee; and to Evelyn Richardson and David Wright for their service on the Committee. I know it takes time to work with all the candidates and to ensure that we have good choices amongst the best in our midst.
Finally, thank you to all those INCOSE members who took the time to evaluate the choices and vote in the election – we appreciate your interest and participation!
Heinz Stoewer