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INCOSE Canada Chapter Board Nominations


We are excited to share with you the nominations for the INCOSE Canada Board of 2022-2023.
(Note: Positions are displayed in the order they were presented in the Call for Nominations. Nominees for a single position are presented in alphabetical order (last name))

To vote please check your email (browse for an email from INCOSE Canada Chapter) which includes a URL, username and password unique to all eligible members.

If you have any questions then please send an email to canada [at] incose [dot] net

Chapter President

Nominations received: 1

Ray Barton

Ray Barton

Ray, a born Systems Thinker, is a thoroughly seasoned professional in Information Systems and Advanced Technology. He is a solution-driven, innovative technology and business development leader who has driven organization development & transformation with experience in a diverse set of industries and industry sectors. Ray has previously left his mark at Bell Labs New Jersey, and is presently Operational Manager Enercom Canada. Ray has been active in the INCOSE Canada Chapter since 2013 providing the INCOSE Canada Annual Conference virtual conferencing facility 2013 through 2017 and appointed Vice President 2022. Ray is chair of the IEEE Ottawa Section Technology Engineering Management Chapter. He is a Volunteer Director on the PEO Ottawa Chapter and is co-founder of the Innovative Challenge run annually for aspiring entrepreneurs. Ray is proud to be secretary of Engineers for the Profession (E4P), advocating transformative change in the Engineering Profession

My vision as President of INCOSE Canada is to Collaborate with members of the Canada Chapter to help members develop and prosper in the practice of systems Engineering. I will engage with other INCOSE Chapters in creating and offering programs, webinars, conferences and working groups as a resource for all to advance their vocational competencies. There is also work to be done within the INCOSE Canada Chapter to streamline processes and procedures to run the Chapter effectively. At a time when all organizations are wrestling with digital transformation, the Canada Chapter must embrace thought leadership and the compelling imperative to bring together all members across Canada.

Vice President

Nominations received: 1

Terry Fitzgerald

Terry Fitzgerald

Greetings! My name is Terry Fitzgerald (CSEP) and I have volunteered for INCOSE Canada Chapter in an unofficial capacity for 18 months now. Since I started, I have developed our website, maintained our LinkedIn group, organized Zoom meetings and helped to run this Chapter election. I am passionate about MBSE and applying system science to systems engineering. If elected Vice President I will work with the board and committees to improve membership engagement by advocating for regular CSEP certification clinics, localized face-to-face meet-and-greets, reading groups, reach out to Canadian academia and Industry to speak on systems engineering topics and elevate the Chapter to be a center of systems engineering excellence in Canada. Thank you! 


Nominations received: 0


Nominations received: 0

Communications Director

Nominations received: 1

Tony Wu

Tony Wu

My name is Hai Tao (Tony) Wu. I’m a systems engineer with 10 years of experience in systems integration, design, modelling, testing & commissioning, and verification & validation. I started my career in software development and artificial intelligence research, then ventured into the realm of Aerospace engineering designing engine control systems, and currently pushing the implementation of MBSE for the successful delivery of major projects and programs in the rail and transit industry. Throughout my career, I can see how the practice of systems engineering has evolved and it’s getting recognized and widely adopted by different industries. Therefore, I’d like to become more involved in the community to influence, encourage and promote systems engineering to colleagues and young professionals alike through INCOSE, so that we can advance the boundary of systems engineering practice collectively.

If I’m elected to be the next communications director, I will not only continue the usual communication on important news and notices to our members, but also work with the Technical Program Director and Membership Director to promote our technical meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars and courses to wider professional communities and students so that we can raise the awareness of systems engineering and INCOSE in both industrial and academia environment to encourage more people to participate and join our profession. I will also work with the Webmaster to leverage existing recourses to deliver better and more efficient communications between the board of directors, the Council, and our members.

Technical Program Director

Nominations received: 0

Membership Director

Nominations received: 3

Michael Ivanko

Michael Ivanco has 17 years of experience in design; testing and commissioning; reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety (RAMS) analysis; and project management. Michael’s experience includes mainline, subway, streetcar, light rail, depot, and transit control systems throughout North America. His areas of expertise include project management, construction/installation supervision signal and grade crossing hardware and software design, signal systems installation, testing and commissioning, control office software design, switch clearing device control system design, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, CBTC and Fixed-Block Signalling, and reliability and safety analysis.

He has been a member of INCOSE since 2018 and currently holds the CSEP designation. His interests are in promulgating the benefits in the application of systems engineering and building membership throughout Canada.

Ivan TaylorIvan Taylor

As President and Senior Researcher at Policy Dynamics Inc., established in 2001, I have a Master's degree in Information and Systems Science and a Ph.D. in Public Policy. I have peer-reviewed for the Social Systems Issue of INSIGHT Magazine, and the INCOSE International Symposium. I have provided several presentations at INCOSE's International Workshop, Social Systems, and Resilient Systems Working Groups.

I am relatively new to INCOSE but I have found it highly rewarding. I was warmly welcomed and made many connections around the world but would like to meet more people in Canada. I can do the job of Director of Membership and would like to give back to INCOSE.

Tony Wu

Tony Wu

If I’m elected to be the next membership director, I will work closely with the communications director to establish means to promote better communication between the chapter and its members and seek ways to promote and raise awareness of the INCOSE Canada Chapter within our systems engineering community.  As someone who recently submitted his membership transition application, I have first-hand experience with the process and can provide insights and support to members who’d like to advance their membership within INCOSE. In addition, I’d like to work with the council to seek ways to optimize our membership application process so that it’d encourage more professionals to join our community.


Nominations received: 2

Konstantin GerasimovKonstantin Gerasimov

I am an electric power system engineer with 10+ years of experience in power systems modelling, simulation, analysis, and optimization, along with a solid background in computer systems and programming.

Although I am new to the organization, I am fascinated by everything I learn about System Engineering and I am looking for ways to get more involved. I have already been involved in volunteering, mainly with the domain-specific engineering organization IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Within INCOSE, I believe I could be most helpful with my relevant experience as a Webmaster for the local IEEE chapter and for the University I worked for back in my home country (Bulgaria).

Stéphane LacrampeStéphane Lacrampe

Stéphane Lacrampe co-founded Obeo in 2005 in France. Obeo is an independent software vendor with a global reach, leading in open-source modeling software for system and software engineers, enterprise architects, and domain modeling experts. He acted as the CEO of the company until 2018 and is now the director of Obeo Canada. Based on Vancouver island, Stephane LACRAMPE is in charge of developing the Capella ecosystem in North and South America. He is also the co-chair of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Database Working Group.
Well, I am not a webmaster, but I have a strong background in IT and did a few web projects in the past. My goal will be to serve as best as possible providing updates on the website in a timely manner as well as other communications means if needed (as Teams or Yammer in relation with INCOSE central).