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CAZC Member Jack Ring is sharing the following on Autonomous Vehicles with the Arizona Institute for Automated Mobility:

I had a delightful hour telecon 4/12 afternoon with IAM representatives;

Karl Theisen, Director, Corporate Engagement, ASU Marisa Walker, Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning/Infrastructure, AZ Commerce Authority,

Summarized three ways I and associates might help ensure IAM success.

1. Applying our expertise in Systems Engineering to ensuring the IAM Vision, Mission, Strategy, Implementation, and Value Achieved is necessary, sufficient and efficient. The overall metric is Fit For Purpose. For instance, determining whether IAM discovers the viability of Automated Mobility examples with respect not only to what Producers intend but also to what AZ Stakeholders must have. 

This could be accomplished by approximately five volunteers from the Central AZ chapter and Southern AZ chapter of the 17,000 member International Council on Systems Engineering as a standing “second opinion” review team that applies the Quality Management principles. May have to be staffed by Retirees only but your employer could consider becoming an IAM member.

2. Enabling IAM to ensure Zero-Defects in all the computer software in vehicles under test and throughout the IAM IT systems.  This would entail a funded effort to train approximately 15 Software Integrity Assessors on the IAM staff who then build their tool to remove software vulnerabilities in approximately 50% of the time and cost typical of today’s software maintenance and cybersecurity methods. This applies the third generation of United States Patent 6029002, 11/95, "Method and apparatus for analyzing computer code using weakest precondition.” This third version is automatable thereby can scale for Automated Mobility systems that probably will contain 300 million lines code or more.

3. Enabling AZ Universities to offer curricula and capacity that graduates approximately 50,000 software integrity assessors who will be needed throughout all the IT systems throughout the U.S. to halt the $1Trillion losses currently experienced.

We agreed to concentrate on #1 and #2.

Further formal action will be pursued in late May giving Karl and Marisa time to factor these ideas into the IAM organization. 

Meanwhile we CAZC members may want to start a MeetUp type dialog on "Automated Mobility that will Do No Harm” or similar. I think this could involve a dozen or more local enterprises that give Arizona a unique profile for Do No Harm

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