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Speaker: Paul Garvey


Thursday, May 20, 2021 | 6:00 pm

Topic: Armament Directorate Digital Acquisition

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Mr. Paul Garvey is the Chief Engineer for the Digital Acquisition & Sustainment Office, Disruptive Futures Division, at Eglin AFB, FL.

Mr. Garvey will talk with us about what the Armament Directorate (AD) is doing to incorporate digital acquisition tools into its workforce and culture.  In Nov 2020, AD's senior acquisition leader, Brig Gen Heath Collins, set Eglin’s acquisition community on a fast track to adopt model based systems engineering tools and practices.  Mr. Garvey's team, the Digital Acquisition & Sustainment Office (DASO) is charged with leading that change.  They are pursuing 6 Lines of Effort:

1.      Digital Engineering / Acquisition
2.      Digital Acquisition Training
3.      Weapons Open Systems Architecture
4.      Government Reference Architecture
5.      IT Infrastructure
6.      Modeling & Simulation

Mr. Garvey believes the INCOSE members can help with #3 right away - Weapons Open Systems Architecture.  In the weapons arena, the Department of Defense suffers from vendor lock.  Prime contractors frequently have a tight grip on all subsystems in their weapons.  As a result of this monopoly, we endure high costs and an upgrade process that isn’t responsive to the need.  If industry were to adopt more open design standards (that still protected their intellectual property) then we could deliver new capabilities, from a variety of sources, much more quickly.  And more vendors could participate in our business.

Come join the meeting to discuss tools that work, the obstacles the Air Force is encountering, and help DoD move forward implementing the latest in Digital Engineering!

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