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Los Angeles

Each year the Los Angeles Chapter of INCOSE honors two of our own for their contributions to the Chapter during the previous year and for their furtherance of the systems engineering profession. Our Chapter is graced with many volunteers who attend to the many behind the-scenes details that bring home the success of our speaker meetings, tutorials, and special events.

President's Award

The President's Award was started in 2003 as a way to distinguish a member who provided service to the chapter while the immediate past president was in office. This award is to honor those who step up and do outstanding work even when they are not elected or appointed to the task.

Susan C. Ruth (The Aerospace Corporation), is the recipient of the INCOSE-LA President's Award, to recognize her service in 2011.

Susan was selected for this honor because of her continuous contributions and support to INCOSE-LA, for nearly every endeavor and event undertaken by our chapter. She has been with the chapter since its inception, and thus is a fount of knowledge about the chapter and its history, and she uses that background and her positive attitude to help guide us for the future. She continues to recruit and inspire others to contribute and to become involved.

Susan C. Ruth Award

The Susan C. Ruth Award is named for the service Susan provided during the first ten years of the Chapter's existence — service in every way possible while never seeking anything other than the betterment of the Chapter. It is meant to recognize LA Chapter volunteers who have given a significant amount of volunteer service to the chapter for at least five years.

Dr. Bohdan Oppenheim (Loyola Marymount University), is this year's recipient of the Susan C. Ruth Award.

Bo was presented with this award for his continued support and willingness and ability to exercise organizational resources for the benefit of the Los Angeles Chapter.

Special Service Award

A new award presented this year is the Special Service Award. This award is intended to recognize individuals or institutions that have made a significant contribution to the Chapter, whether a member or not.

This award was given to Sandra Chang (The Aerospace Corporation). Sandra is not a chapter member, but has willingly continued to support the chapter, through her connections with chapter members from The Aerospace Corporation, by updating the INCOSE-LA email Reflector. She has been doing this 'behind the scenes' for a number of years, and offers a valuable service to ensure we maintain effective email communication to our members and other interested individuals.

Congratulations to our 2012 Chapter Award Recipients!