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About the INCOSE® Michigan Chapter

The Michigan Chapter is one of the most diverse in the world with approximately 140 members associated with over two dozen organizations.  Most of our members are affiliated with one of the many major automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, medical device, healthcare, consumer goods or information technology companies operating in Michigan.  Other members represent the growing entrepreneurial start-up movement which has taken root in the state.  Still others are affiliated with major Michigan universities and some government agencies.

Our primary goal at this time is to support and increase Michigan INCOSE® membership by establishing the Chapter as a leading force in creating a highly dynamic and innovative systems engineering community within the State of Michigan.

Mission Statement

The INCOSE® Michigan Chapter strives to foster a world-class systems engineering environment for it's current and future membership.

It is our belief that systems engineering principles and practices offer the best solution for Michigan organizations struggling to compete in today's global marketplace, and that the proper application of systems engineering can directly contribute to the overall betterment of the social, economic and environmental condition of the state.  When the aim is to improve cost, quality and schedule performance -- whether in industry, government or education -- it is our conviction that systems engineering provides the most viable organized approach for doing so.


  1. Improve the systems engineering work environment for our members by educating business leaders and corporate middle management regarding the business case and the key success factors for systems engineering projects.
  2. Improve the performance of systems engineering teams by encouraging INCOSE® members to take advantage of INCOSE® resources (e.g., the SE Handbook, SE Certification, etc.).
  3. Promote the benefits of systems engineering and INCOSE® in general while establishing liaisons and synergistic partnerships with key institutions, organizations and individuals.