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Marshall Mattingly

Jan 20, 2018
SOAR members, there are many ways to get involved in the chapter and the organization, benefiting you as a member and others with your knowledge, energy, and creativity.  Here are just a few:

1. Explore the INCOSE CONNECT website.  On it, you will find Webinars, Presentations, and Tutorials on Systems Engineering, Management, and the goings on across the INCOSE organization.  You can also find many sources of knowledge, such as discounts on textbooks and research.  This area alone can pay for the cost of membership!

2. Get certified.  Three levels of Systems Engineering Professional certification exist, all of which are transferable outside your current company or organization.  The certification provides you with a resume item from a recognized global Systems Engineering Organization, provides education or refresher on all the key systems engineering concepts, and a consistency of terminology and language that you can use when interacting with systems engineers across the world.

3. Join a working group.  Dozens of working group have been set up in the INCOSE organization, exploring all aspects of systems engineering.  Learn what they are exploring, gain knowledge and understanding, and provide your experience and insight to help Systems Engineering continue to grow in the value it provides in our complex world.

4. Take a workshop, volunteer to support a conference, become a chapter speaker.  The SOAR chapter has a number of opportunities in the works; take advantage of them!  More details to come as the year progresses.

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