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Texas Gulf Coast

Date: 2/18
  Program: 5:00 - 6:00 pm

TGCC Chapter Program Feb 2022

Digital Trends in the Oil and Gas Industry

The Energy & Utilities Industry ranks 22 out of 23 on the Digitalization Index, ahead only of Farming and Agriculture. Companies are scrambling to play catch up, while trying to respond to changing landscapes with carbon neutrality, electrification, and increasing political pressure and attention. As fluency in the space is hard to find, solution providers in the industry have to translate decades worth of knowledge and experience from leading industries such as Automotive and Aerospace into compelling messaging for Energy & Utilities.
As we approach problem solving with Systems Engineering mindsets, we introduce the concept of the Digital Thread as a cornerstone of any Digital Transformation initiative. In this session, you will learn about how Siemens approaches the balance of delivering value vs the churn and disruption from cultural transformation and change, and the specific Digital Threads we use to talk to the Industry today.
There is some benefit of going last! You get to see “what not to do” from everyone that has gone before. There is always a tension model in place between competing objectives within a Company, and the best you can do is often just be conscious of its existence and how it is balanced. We will cover some key Lessons Learned from the past as a guide to keep Business Leaders on track, and to enable an agile and efficient journey towards Digital Nirvana.

Presenter - Ed Leggott | LinkedIn

Ed Leggott

Ed Leggott is a Systems Engineer with over 10 years industry experience from both 
Oil & Gas and Aerospace.
Ed has held multiple project, engineering management and digital initiative responsibilities before joining Siemens in 2019 with the US Presales team. Today, Ed supports the largest Energy accounts as a trusted advisor to help business teams understand bigger picture concepts and digital maturity as they embark on their digitalization journey.