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INCOSE Zoom Backgrounds

A selection of suggested backgrounds you can use when participating in an INCOSE Zoom Meeting.

Zoom Background_cityZoom Background_gear
Zoom Background_gearsWhiteINCOSE_Branding_ZoomBackgroundINCOSE_SE_Principles_ZoomBackgroundSE VisionINCOSE_Certification_ZoomBackgroundZoom Background_gear2Zoom Background_gears3INCOSE_Volunteerism_ZoomBackgroundINCOSE logoINCOSE_Volunteerism_ZoomBackgroundZoom Background_lines_dotsCircuitsINCOSE_Certification_ZoomBackgroundINCOSE_Volunteerism_ZoomBackgroundZoom Background_monZoom Background_satelliteZoom Background_skyZoom Background_sunset

See even more images on Connect (Members only).

To use these images in Zoom:
Click the image to see it full size. Right click that and Save Image As...
In the Zoom desktop App, access your preferences from the menus, and select Virtual Background, click the + and select your favorite image,
or when in a meeting, click the arrow beside the Camera icon to find the Select Virtual Background choice.