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A better world through a systems approach

Defense Systems

Mission & Objectives

The purpose of the International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Defense Systems Working Group (DSWG, originally the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Working Group) is to create an international forum for defense acquirers and providers that provides a "neutral" body that works on issues that impact specifying, developing and acquiring defense systems and services and to promote the development of systems engineering best practices in a manner that recognizes the special issues faced by the Defense Systems Engineering (SE) practitioners and managers in the changing global market for defense related systems.

The Defense Systems WG is to become a conduit for networking, establishing a Web presence, and creating and exchanging explicit and tacit best practice SE knowledge for the defense systems community.                                                                                                                                                 

The DSWG will accomplish its purpose through the shared understanding and advancement of systems engineering knowledge and products in areas that are of interest to the Defense community. The DSWG will act much like the other existing WG's and will coordinate and involve all NCOSE Technical Committee's (TC) (where possible) in the selection, evaluation and solution of the initiatives to be addressed by INCOSE.

The objectives include, but are not limited to, improving the people, processes, and resources used in addressing defense systems challenges as follows:        


Working Group Products

Product Ideas

  • Data & Advanced Analytics (Transforming data into actionable intelligence)
  • Mission-driven Machine Learning
  • Next Generation Information Infrastructure Cloud Computing (unique challenges for DoD systems)
  • Agile software/systems development in defense systems (impact on reliability, availability, and maintainability)
  • Impact of AT&L split on DoD systems engineering (On Feb 1st AT&L split into two new groups – the undersecretaries of defense for research and engineering (R&E) and acquisition and sustainment (A&S).)
  • Systems engineering in DoD biometrics
  • Systems engineering in DoD Cyber-security

This is a list of the intended deliverables (products/services) that will be produced by those participating in the DSWG. Details applicable to these types of deliverables shall be defined in separate Technical Project Plans (TPP's). TPP's shall be developed, submitted and tracked as defined by the applicable Technical Operations procedure.

Intended products and services may include but are not limited to:                             

  1. Develop a repository of knowledge for defense systems
  2. Develop a repository for defense systems standards from international sources
  3. Establish a Community of Practice for defense systems engineers 

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events

  • IW 2022 – January 2022

Planned Presentations at the Next Events

  • Open discussion on Working Group’s Topics and Plans