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A better world through a systems approach

Natural Systems

Mission & Objectives

Natural Systems Working Group Charter
Purpose: Evaluate changes to Systems Eng. processes & communications to take advantage of Natural Systems, including broader relationships between SE---Science--Tech.

Major Goals:

  1. Assess State-of-the-Discipline regularly.
  2. Cultivate a NS Community of Practice.
  3. Share Best Practices & Success Stories.
  4. Investigate enhancements to SE practices.
  5. Grow in numbers and scope.


Chair:  Curt McNamara, P.E. System Design Review
Co-Chair:  George Studor, NASA

Contact for additional information or to join this group.

Working Group Products

Natural Systems Public site is:

Planned Working Sessions at the Next Events
  • NASA Natural Systems Research and NS Group Update – George Studor
  • Considering and Using Natural Systems Concepts– Larry Pohlmann
  • Sudarshan Krishnan/UI Urbana: BioInspiration -- on Lightweight and Deployable Structures
  • Robert Williams/Mandala Design Associates: Natural Structure Concepts.
  • Nathan Barker/U of S. Florida: Exploring Biomimicry through Origami.
  • Norbert Hoeller/Sustainable Innovation Network: Biomimetic Assessment Framework ISO/TC 266
  • Natural Systems Primer Overview –- Curt McNamara
  • Next steps for NSWG (all)
  • SEBoK and the Primer – SEBoK team
  • Intro to MBSE – Duane Hybertson
  • Commentary on modeling natural systems -- GaTech
  • Randy Anway/ : Many Heads Make Short Work: Physarum polycephalum
  • Russ Kerschmann/: Systems pathology in natural and designed systems

Planned Presentations at the Next Events