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System Engineering Tools Database

Welcome to the Systems Engineering Tools Database (SETDB). We hope that the SETDB helps you to find the appropriate tools that support your engineering activities. In order to access the SETDB, you need to be an INCOSE or a PPI member.



The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1990 to develop and spread the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable successful systems. The INCOSE have more than 17,000 members meeting in over 70 local chapters in over 35 countries which translates to boundless opportunities to network, learn and have fun.


About PPI

Project Performance International (PPI) is an international company, with its head office in Australia, and conducts training and consulting worldwide. PPI's mission is to improve the performance of its clients and the lives of their people by improving the practice of engineering, based on systems thinking, and using the principles and methods of systems engineering.

About Systems Engineering

syseng-graphical-representation-website Systems Engineering is a transdisciplinary and integrative approach to successful realization and evolution of engineered systems based on systems principles and concepts, together with technological and management methods, enabling beneficial use of the system and subsequent retirement. The approach aims to capture stakeholder needs and objectives and to transform these into a holistic, life-cycle balanced system solution that both satisfies stakeholder thresholds of acceptability, and maximizes overall system effectiveness in accordance with the values of the stakeholders. The approach is proven to reduce costs, reduce development times and increase stakeholder satisfaction, regardless of the specific problem or opportunity being addressed, and regardless of the technologies of solution. As would be expected, the more complex the problem or solution, the more valuable systems engineering is. Systems engineering is widely embraced by leading technology-based organizations worldwide, is widely taught at Master’s level, and is increasingly appearing in undergraduate engineering degree programs worldwide..

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