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A better world through a systems approach

The INCOSE knowledge exam is a multiple choice test based on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. It is required for candidates for ASEP and CSEP certification, unless they have taken an alternate route such as Academic Equivalency.  

The exam contains 100 scored questions. It may have 0, 20, or 50 additional questions that do not count toward the candidate’s score. These are beta questions, which are being evaluated for the future. The exam duration is 1 minute per question, including both scored and unscored questions. A 120-question exam is standard, and lasts 120 minutes. Special accommodations are available and include additional time.  

All questions are formatted as multiple-choice, and some have multiple answers. Details on this approach are provided in this paper and twenty sample questions are posted here.  

The INCOSE Knowledge Exam is available on the computer and on paper. Our computer testing provider offers online proctoring for testing from a location of your choice. INCOSE also offers paper exams, hosted by Certification-Program-Office-approved proctors such as Expert Systems Engineering Professionals (ESEPs). Both options are based on the INCOSE System Engineering Handbook 4.0 and the INCOSE Knowledge Exam Learning Objectives

Effective 1 April 2021, cost for exams are $30 for paper exams and $80 for computer exams. All fees are based on US dollars. 

Individuals are limited to 3 exam attempts per 12-month period, including both paper and computer exams. Current SEPs are not allowed to participate in any exams.