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Computer Exams

The INCOSE Certification Program offers online testing, which candidates can do from a location of their choice, with their own computer. This system uses live, remote, video proctoring. The candidate testing experience will remain very similar to previous computer testing, with 120 multiple-choice questions and immediate pass/fail results displayed on screen. The questions and time allowed for the computer exam are the same as for the paper exam.  In all exam situations, candidates may go back to review questions and change their answers.  For the computer exam, candidates will have an online “scratch paper” where they can write notes during the exam. Computer exam candidates are not allowed to write on materials they will keep after the exam, such as paper, books, or other files on the computer.

Candidates may schedule the computer exam at a time convenient to them. They will use their own computer and internet, and it is their responsibility to ensure that any firewalls or corporate security will allow the necessary software and communications. For more information on that, review the testing guide.   

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If the candidate cancels their appointment within 24 hours before their appointment, the proctoring service charges the candidate a $5 fee.  This fee must be paid before another online exam attempt is scheduled.