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A better world through a systems approach

I am a SEP

ASEPs and CSEPs are required to renew their certifications through professional development and continuing education activities. More information on that is found here. ESEPs are expected to continue their professional development, as well, but are not required to submit documentation to INCOSE. 

Learn and share

SEPs are the best promoters of systems engineering and INCOSE’s Certification Program. If you wish to give a presentation to your coworkers or at an INCOSE chapter meeting, you may find these resources helpful: Now that I'm Certified... (  

If you’d like to put the SEP logo in your email signature, review the guidelines for the use of the ESEP, CSEP, and ASEP designations. Usage must be consistent with INCOSE Policy COM-101 and the SEP Logo Guidance document. 


INCOSE SEPs are a great source of help to the Certification Program as volunteers. If you are an ASEP, CSEP, or ESEP, INCOSE welcomes you to help write exam questions, review applications, or advise on the strategy of the Certification Program. You can apply for these positions through the INCOSE Volunteer Opportunity Board:  The exam-writing roles are described here:


INCOSE's Certification Program Office oversees three groups on LinkedIn: INCOSE SEPs, the Official Interest Group is open to all.  
INCOSE SEP, the Official Group for Systems Engineering Professionals is limited to those individuals who are already ASEPs, CSEPs, or ESEPs.  
INCOSE ESEP, the Official Group is limited to those individuals who are already ESEPs.