Exam Events and Registration 

You must have an INCOSE ID in order to register for an exam. If you are already an INCOSE member – including associate member – log in to that account before registering for an exam event. If you are not already a member, follow these instructions to create an INCOSE ID.  

The list below may include both in-person events and registration to take the exam online. It may also list separate events for candidates whose native speaking language is not English. Those candidates are allowed additional time for the exam and will be asked to attest to their qualification for this. Please choose the appropriate link.  

In-person exams may be canceled if minimum registration limits are not met or for other unforeseen reasons. INCOSE will make an effort to offer another paper exam in the same location within two months of the cancellation but cannot guarantee this. INCOSE will issue a refund if your exam is canceled but will not offer refunds for other reasons. INCOSE will not reimburse for any costs incurred to participate in a paper exam, whether it is canceled or occurs as planned. 

INCOSE Chapters are welcome to host exam events.  

DateLocation NameDescriptionRegistration URLCost
OpenOnlineOpen RegistrationRegister here to take the exam, prior to submitting an application. The link to schedule your exam will be emailed to you within 5-7 business days. https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-c348-d948-726abf8d45d1$80 USD
OpenOnlineOpen Registration (Special Accommodations)Register here to take the exam, prior to submitting an application. The link to schedule your exam will be emailed to you within 5-7 business days. *This link is for individual who have English as their second language OR require special accommodations for medical needs. https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-c2d3-d948-bc76281646d1$80 USD
13-Sep-22Canberra, ACT, AustraliaSETE 2022 Paper ExamSESA is hosting an in-person paper exam at the SETE 2022 Conference. https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-cc39-99ec-0b444ec28827$30 AUD
2-Oct-22Golden, CO, USAWSRC Paper Exam https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-cf25-4ac5-0b446c93f4b6$30 USD
26-Oct-22Milan, ItalyAISE INCOSE Italy Paper ExamItalia Chapter of INCOSE  is hosting an in-person paper exam at the AISE Convention. https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-cab1-92fd-0b444ea3cdaa$30 USD
17 Nov-22Bidart, FranceESTIA Certification Exam https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-ce66-67d9-0b4469bc7bde$30 USD
9-Dec-22Wichita, KS, USAWichita State University Exam https://incose.ps.membersuite.com/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=9725473f-0078-c05d-666b-0b446b868b09

$30 USD

Free for Students