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NOTE: Please upload documents through the Certification links on your Profile Home page. Once documents are uploaded, click continue and system will prompt you for payment.


Certification Name

Application Fee

Examination Fee

Renewal Fee
(and Period)

Associate Systems Engineering Professional


180 USD

PPP2 Countries: 25% fee reduction

PPP3 Countries: 50% fee reduction


Computer Exam
80 USD

Paper Exam
Fee varies

100 USD
(every 5 years)



200 USD

No exam required


Certified Systems Engineering Professional


350 USD

Computer Exam
80 USD

Paper Exam
Fee varies

100 USD

Expert Systems Engineering Professional


630 USD

No exam required

No renewal required



Not available

Not available

No additional cost

* INCOSE membership is required for all applicants starting in 2016. Membership is not required for renewal for CSEPs who paid their application fee before 1 January 2016, unless there has been a lapse in their certification.

Description of Fees

Application fees are the non-refundable fees paid for the processing, review, and data management of your certification application.  These are paid once to INCOSE when the application is submitted.  The only time these fees are required more than once is if you start over with the application process.

Examination Fees are the non-refundable fees paid to take the knowledge examinations. If you fail the exam, you may be allowed to take it again (for a total of three attempts to pass the exam during the twelve month application period) and will have to pay the exam fee for each attempt. Fees are paid online during registration for the exam. Fees for computer exams are listed in the fee table above. Fees for paper exams vary, with some being offered for free and others charging up to 80 USD, depending on the type of event at which the exam is held.

Membership fees are the non-refundable fees paid to be an INCOSE member, independent of certification. Candidates for certification at all levels must be INCOSE individual members.

Renewal fees are the non-refundable fees paid for the processing, review, and data management of your certification renewal.  These are paid every three years (CSEP) or five years (ASEP) to INCOSE when the renewal documentation is submitted. 

Non-standard fees described at the bottom of this page may be charged in exceptional cases where applicants choose to reschedule their exam on short notice or do not submit their renewal paperwork by the deadline.

Options for Groups

Memorandum of Agreement

Organizations that sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with INCOSE for mutual support of the Certification Program may have reduced application fees for organization members.  These agreements are typically made by companies to benefit their employees or by universities to benefit their students.  The specific terms of these agreements, including fee reduction, are discussed with the Certification Program Manager.

Group Payment

The INCOSE Certification Office can accept a single payment from companies to cover the certification application costs for a group of employees named with the payment. The named employees have one year from the time of the group payment to complete their individual certification that includes submitting the application form and scheduling and passing an exam. INCOSE does not collect fees for certification exams; requests to pay for multiple exams using a single payment could be discussed with Prometric but have not previously been successful.  The Group Application Form can be found on the All Certification Related Forms page.

Non-Standard Fees

Rescheduling or Cancelling Exams with Examity

The exam provider charges a fee for exams scheduled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the test time. Failing to appear on the test date or appearing more than 15 minutes after the scheduled exam start time will result in forfeiture of the entire exam fee. INCOSE does not have the ability to alter these fees.

Late Renewals

Individuals who do not submit their completed renewal form, fee, and log of PDU activities will be subject to additional fees and/or have to re-start the certification process.  A reactivation fee of $50 will be charged if the renewal is submitted within six months after the deadline.  The reactivation fee is $100 for renewals submitted greater than six months but fewer than 12 months after the deadline. For any late renewals greater than 12 months, the reactivation fee is $150.

Additional information about requirements for renewals, including late renewals, is available on the Certification Renewal Page